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Join us on June 8th for a discussion about Using Data for Decision Making. Naturally Austin partner NielsenIQ will share information about how data can use during all of the biggest decision-making moments, like:

  • product launches
  • product innovation
  • selling to retailers and investors

Zach Harper, COO at Funky Mello, will facilitate the conversation as well as offer real situations where data can offer insight and guidance to early-stage brands.

Looking for more data?

As a member of Naturally Austin's community, you can sign up for a free subscription to NielsenIQ Byzzer, a retail data analytics platform that puts the same data big brands are using into the hands of small businesses. It's the data solution for the non-data user: simple, affordable, and actionable. Will Geerer, Client Director at NielsenIQ, will also be attending CPG Homeroom on Monday, June 13th, to offer data office hours. You can RSVP HERE.


  • Sherry Frey (VP, Total Wellness at NielsenIQ)

    Sherry Frey

    VP, Total Wellness at NielsenIQ


    Sherry Frey has more than two decades of industry experience and is a recognized thought leader on health/wellness shopping and consumption trends. With a background in marketing, market research, innovation and consulting with clients across many industries, Sherry shares visionary foresights combined with practical strategies. Sherry's view of health and wellness is beyond our own personal health and wellness and includes how we collectively think about the health of the planet.

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  • Kelsey Michel (VP, Byzzer Product at NielsenIQ)

    Kelsey Michel

    VP, Byzzer Product at NielsenIQ


    Kelsey Michel has more than a decade of experience in market intelligence products that enable CPG retailers and manufacturers to optimize their performance, improve profitability and deliver ROI. She is passionate about helping companies use data as a strategic tool to advance their own business objectives and making data more accessible to companies of all sizes. Today, Kelsey is a product leader for NielsenIQ’s Byzzer Platform, which is a first-of-its-kind retail measurement solution built specifically to help small CPG manufacturers pinpoint exactly what they need to do to sell more. The NielsenIQ Byzzer platform enables small businesses to gain distribution, defend shelf space, and identify new growth opportunities by leveraging NielsenIQ’s world-class retailer data in an easy-to-use, affordable tool. Previously, Kelsey led NielsenIQ analytics solutions for retailers where she advised clients on how to optimize assortment, pricing, and promotion to grow sales and profit. She served as a trusted advisor, helping retailers evolve their day-to-day processes to feel more confident in their data-driven decisions. Outside of work, you can find Kelsey at a local farmers market or park with her busy family.

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